International city with rich history surrounded by lush greenery


The Prince Gallery Tokyo Kioicho

"The Prince Gallery Tokyo Kioicho", occupying the top 7 floors (30-36th floors) of the "Kioi Tower". The amazing views that can only be offered by such an upper floor location truly lend the space an artistic quality deserving of the "gallery" name, and the hotel will also feature 250 guest rooms that are both functional and comfortable, a Japanese main dining restaurant that will allow guests to enjoy the appeal of Japanese culture, an all-day dining Italian restaurant, two bars with distinct styles, lounges, a spa, fitness area and other facilities.

In terms of service, the hotel will fully utilize available IT technologies to provide seamless service through improved collection, accumulation and sharing of guest information and the hotel will aim to be "a hotel at which guests can enjoy themselves at their own pace, on or off, 24 hours a day".

The Classic House at Akasaka Prince

The Classic House at Akasaka Prince

The "former residence of Yi Un" western-style building, loved by many in its past incarnation as the "former Grand Prince Hotel Akasaka Old Building", was constructed in 1930 based on designs by Kozo Kitamura, the then head of the former Ministry of the Imperial Household Imperial Works Bureau Engineering Department, and the engineer Yokichi Gondo. In 2011, this fine art of work was registered as Tagible Cultural Property designated by Tokyo.

We've restored the main portions of the building, such as lighting fixtures, outer walls, etc., to their original conditions at the time of construction based on materials from the time of construction and other sources, in order to restore the elegance and dignity of former days, and to continue to meet modern needs, an expansion banquet hall with the latest features is also being added.



Taking advantage of the unique geography, located in between the two streets of approximately 18m level difference, we have created four stories of "Retail Hospitality" with different concepts to welcome our customers.

We will create public space, cafe and restaurants right next to our rich greenery to welcome international businesspersons, neighbors and residents. We want to provide a high quality service that will make you want to come back over and over. The Retail area will be the entrance gate to the "Tokyo Garden Terrace Kioicho" to welcome our loyal customers.