Kioicho; the center of Tokyo, surrounded by green and history.
Great access inside the metropolitan area. Fusion of convenience and rich greenery.


Urban oasis; co-existence of changing season and convenience

In Kioicho, which is close to lush greenery sites such as the Imperial Palace and the State Guesthouse, you can enjoy the change of seasons though it locates in the center of Tokyo.
“Kioi Residence" will celebrate its grand opening and be surrounded by a green environment connected to a brand-new international multi-complex facility.
Our Hotel, commercial zone, nature, and various facilities around the neighborhood will add spice to your life.

※Bancho Elementary School and Kojimachi junior high school is a school district.

Kioi Terrace (commercial)

  • SEIJO ISHI (supermarket)
  • Famima! (convenience store)
  • AMERICAN PHARMACY (pharmacy)
  • Others (restaurant, café, retail, service)

    Official Website of Kioi Terrace

Financial institutions

  • ATM (Mizuho)
    Located in Kioi Terrace
  • ATM (SMBC)
    Located in Kioi Terrace
  • 1ATM (MUFG) (Nagatacho sta.)
    270m, 4 min. walk
  • 2MUFG Bank (Kojimachi branch)
    500m, 7 min. walk
  • 3ATM (Mizuho: Chosonkaikan)
    450m, 6 min. walk
  • 4Mizuho Bank (Akasaka branch)
    560m, 7 min. walk
  • 5Post office (Prefectural Assembly Hall)
    40m, 1 min. walk

Medical facilities

  • 1Akasaka Dental Clinic
    40m, 1 min. walk
  • 2Nagatacho Tsubasa Clinic (general)
    160m, 2 min. walk
  • 3Asai Clinic (skin & general)
    460m, 6 min. walk
  • 4Kaizaka Clinic (internal medicine, pain clinic, and palliative care)
    450m, 6 min. walk

Public facilities

  • 1Shimizudani park
  • 2Chidori-ga-fuchi Park
    1,000m, 13 min. walk
  • 3Chiyoda City Office (Kojimachi branch)
    860m, 11 min. walk

Educational facilities

  • 1Kojimachi junior high school
    90m, 2 min. walk
  • 2Hibiya High School
    700m, 9 min. walk
  • 3Kojimachi Elementary school
    860m, 11 min. walk
  • 4Kojimachi Kindergarten
    860m, 11 min. walk
  • 5Bancho Elementary School
    1,200m, 15 min. walk


Direct indoor access to the station using sub entrance.

Direct indoor access to the station using sub entrance.

Sub entrance in the basement level connects directly to the "Nagatacho" station of Tokyo Metro Subway. You will also be able to access the Airport limousine and Taxi port without going outside the facility.

Convenient access to major areas of urban Tokoyo

Convenient access to major areas of urban Tokyo

Convenient transport to five subway lines from "Nagatacho" station and "Akasaka-mitsuke" station. 10 minutes to "Tokyo" station via "Otemachi" station on Hanzomon line, 6 minutes to "Shibuya" station on Hanzomon line or Ginza line from either "Nagatacho" station or "Akasaka-mitsuke" station.

Direct access to the airport on limousine bus service

Direct access to the airport on limousine bus service

Airport limousine bus service to Haneda and Narita will start on completion of the project. Veichle transport using the Shuto Expressway from Kasumigaseki Ramp or Gaien Ramp will take you towards Shinjuku or Shibuya smoothly. Taxi port is located in the basement level right outside the sub entrance.

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